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Contact (Imprint)

Airportinfo has been developed and is brought to you by

J├╝rgen Barthel
Rheinring 3a
38120 Braunschweig

You can contact us by eMail (info@ or if you have firstname@...) or classic phone at +49 (172) 90 11 999. For info about the geographic coverage of our data, please check here.

The Mission

As a multi-national family business, AirportInfo provides instant and affordable insight to high quality, competitive airports' catchment area analyses, enabling understanding of the ground based potentials. Just as MIDT-like data enabled this for passenger based analyses. With the difference that this works also for route feasibility studies where no previous MIDT data exists.

Additional information complementing the data comes from public sources and the airports. Three free examples (currently BGO, MUC, TIA) exist that can be used to see what information is being provided.

User Data

Personal Data, Cookies, etc.

Database & User Profile

We provide a database with airport information targeted to Airline Network Planners. To manage the access we allow a free-of-charge registration, where you provide user data. Optionally, latest if you order something, we also register your address and contact data. Using an external payment provider or invoice, we do not store any personal payment data, nor do we ask for it. It is in your own discretion to provide the payment data to the external payment provider.

Your password is set after registration inside our login-form where you can also change your password. Saving it encrypted, we cannot tell you the password, we can only reset it for you. So:

At no time do we ask for your password or payment data!

We do safe the time of registration, the time of last log-in, but not how many times you did log-in or what pages you accessed or other personal data.

Airport Editors: All changes done by airport editors to airport data are automatically logged and we are able to undo them partially or at large.

Session Cookies

Our site uses Cookies to identify users that have registered to use our free and commercial B2B-services. These cookies are set locally upon login. Before login the cookie only sets the airport and userid and and does not contain any other user data.

Server, Log-files, Analysis

Our Apache server generates log-files that we use only for error-management. We also occasionally generate classic automated analyses using open source tools like Webalizer and Matomo on-premise. Those analyses provide us neutral information only, such as searches that were used to find us, the entry pages, the interest of our users in certain analyses or which countries our users come from. None of the analyses are used or configured to identify the user or the company.

At no time do we transfer any personal data to or use cookies from third party sites.
Namely, we do use Matomo on-premise and no Google Analytics.

Registered User Data

Stored User Data

For our users, upon registration we store the e-Mail, name, company and phone number. We also add some common information like the company mail address or associate users of the same company to each other to allow sharing of paid services. All other data we associate to the user profile is based on internal settings associated to the user, such as company logo icon used in the map, color preferences and preferred airport.
We also store illegal access attempts and keep the blacklisted e-Mails in our user table to block future attempts.


At no time do we ask your password; we can only reset it to force setting a new password. Nor do we ask you for or save any payment data. We issue invoices and leave it to you to select how to process the payment.

We plan to add an automated payment process using PayPal or a similar service. In that case, we also will not save any payment information beyond the fact if/that certain services have been paid for.

Mailing List Security

Registering for our services we assume the right to send you occassional e-Mails to update you on new function or features. We do not use any third-party mass mailing system. So your user e-Mail will not be shared with anyone.

Registration Scam

To counter fake registration spam, we added Google Captcha and some sophisticated, fully automated algorithms to the registration process and we add data from the (fake or real) registrant's browsing data to the confirmation mail. This information is neither stored nor analyzed except for (illegal) spam registrations.

The information (detailed next paragraph) that is used in addition to what you provide voluntarily in the registration form is added to the registration confirmation mail, which we copy to us for review, it is neither else stored, nor analyzed or saved in our databases. Typically spammers and scammers falsify that information but it might give away information that we can filter to avoid fake registrations.

That additional information comes from standard server variables (see link for more information) used in browsing, us adding REMOTE_ADDR, REMOTE_USER, REMOTE_HOST, HTTP_USER_AGENT to the registration confirmation mail.


All Information on AirportInfo has been compiled from official sources, such as Eurostat and the national statistics and cadastre offices, information received directly from airlines, airports and their associations, Wikipedia, OpenStreetMap and other information publicly available on the Internet. If you have questions about our source of specific information, simply contact us, to avoid copyright claims, we do keep file of our sources.

As with all large data amounts being compiled from individual, varying sources, despite all reviews and bugfixing efforts, errors may happen. As such, we expect you to inform us of any errors that you identify or assume and we will verify and if necessary correct them as quickly as possible! As we find such errors often also in the source data and we correct such errors frequently ourselves, we take no liability resulting from such errors on our data, except if they have been the result of gross or wilful neglect on our side.

Images + Data Used Rights Acquisition

The content of AirportInfo has originally been developed and initially published by meanwhile defunct OHG in Germany and in 2021 upon sale of the domain name without content moved to the new domain.

All rights assumed by OHG have such been rightfully transferred to

Airline & Airport Logos + Images

Airport or airline logos or images used remain the sole property of their rightful owners. As mentioned in the disclaimer, we do keep file of our sources, so in case of concerns, simply contact us at your convenience! SVID + Free Isochrones Maps

Courtesy approval (2015 by Ralph Anker), in the paid analysis (and the three free demo airports) we also provide the Seasonality Variety in Demand factor based on the 2013-version of the tool.'s Excel tool can be found on (still the 2013 version).
As agreed with, in turn we provide any airport with free 30/60/120-minute-Isochrone map in ANNA-aero green colors, alongside the 120-minute Isochrone population intelligently rounded to 0.1 Million. If you want to make use of this offer, just contact us.

Third Party Commercial Airport Statistics

We do not use The Route Shop (by, The Anker Report (EATS), ACI or other such commercial sources as input for the airport statisitcs data.

Third Party Public Statistics + Map-Data

The data is either from the airport, official sources (i.e. statistics offices, airport associations) or Wikipedia (not only the English one).
The usually municipality-based population Data comes from Eurostat as well as national statistics offices. We do not use Eurostats for airport statistics, as they are inconsistent.

The national cadastre offices of Croatia, Denmark, Portugal, Romania, Scotland and the United Kingdom have kindly provided municipality-level map data that we use within our mapping applications to complement the OpenStreetMaps data.

External Links

Our collection of links is incomplete. We take no warranty whatsoever for the links to work as external links happen to get updated without them notifying us. If you miss a link or encounter a dead link, simply inform us. We love to hear from you!

We refer to information in and their Route Shop, as well as the Route Exchange for airports. This is a link into these services, as we do not intend to duplicate their (commercial) information. In case of and The Hub we sometimes use their information to manually double-check some own data as a quality control measure. As their data often is inconsistent (i.e. monthly data does not sum to annual) we do not use them as source for our information.

As we run large amounts of data, we cannot review all external websites. We had cases where the official link changed, we usually use links that are also used in (mostly the English) Wikipedia at time of research. Should there be (legally) questionable links, please do inform us so we can check and take the approbriate action.