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In January 2021, has been shut-down. The team wants to thank all customers and users for using their services.

We apologize that all inactive user profiles have been removed, you may have to re-register. Only active users have been contacted for their approval to keep their profile data.

The content that was hosted by has been transferred into the ownership of and is being upgraded and updated.

We do appreciate your interest to continue using what you came to use as and if you are an airline, airport or consultancy working in aviation network development to register with our website. Please update any bookmarks you might have for and please note that the "Dashboard" has been moved from /db/ to the "root" on our new website, the movie on the homepage is gone.

Different from we will apply a strict B2B regime and while you can still register yourself any generic e-Mail address will be required to provide additional information to qualify for access to our website. If/when you register, we appreciate if you follow our LinkedIn company page, which we plan to use for news and updates.

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